Wednesday 25 March 2015: Reducing incarceration by testing: Justice Reinvestment theory and methodology: an exploratory case study presented by Jill Guthrie

12.30-2.00pm, Hanna Neumann Building, Room G058 (near Degree Café and Manning Clark Centre),  Australian National University

Researchers from ANU are working with the Cowra (NSW, 2794) community on a community-driven research project which explores the theory and research methodology of Justice Reinvestment as a way of reducing incarceration of juveniles.

In addition to an inter-disciplinary research team, the research is being guided by a Research Reference Group comprising representatives of the Cowra Shire Council, representatives from the Cowra Aboriginal Land Council, the President of NSW Children’s Court, an ANU-based human rights lawyer and US-based JR academic.

Jill Guthrie is a Research Fellow at the National Centre for Indigenous Studies at the ANU.

Antar Stall(2)
ANTaR ACT stall at Woden Community Festival.

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