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ANTaR ACT is the local branch of ANTaR – Australia’s main non-Indigenous organisation for reconciliation. We’re dedicated to supporting the rights of First Nations people through public campaigns and advocacy.

What we do


  • works with local Indigenous organisations and other community organisations
  • hosts local events to promote reconciliation
  • supports ANTaR’s national campaigns at a grassroots level.

ANTaR ACT flyer

Get involved

There are many ways to support the rights and aspirations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, depending on your skills, interests and available time.

Here are some of the ways you can get involved with our work:

  • Sign up to our monthly newsletter (enter your details in the box on the side) to find out more about events in Canberra, from ANTaR ACT and other groups with a focus on First Nations culture and issues.
  • Attend our monthly ANTaR ACT Committee meetings to discuss current issues, campaign for change and organise events. Our meetings are usually at 6pm on the second Monday of each month, by Zoom and/or in person. All are welcome. For details, please contact
  • Help run ANTaR ACT stalls at local events to raise awareness and sell First Nations music, literature and crafts.
  • Write in support of our campaigns. See the ANTaR National website:
  • Make a donation or organise a fundraising event to support ANTaR ACT or ANTaR National.

Contact us if you want to find out more about supporting reconciliation in the ACT: by email at or by joining the conversation on Facebook.


Keep our hands moving!

In front of the AIATSIS building, coloured hands on the mounds, school students and others planting more.

ANTaR has a collection of ‘hands’ in six colours, suitable to support discussion of reconciliation and recognition. If you would like to borrow our hands for an event or learning opportunity, book through ANTaR National:

For an example of how the hands have been used previously, see this article about the Sea of Hands installation in February 2014 to celebrate the sixth anniversary of the National Apology and the 50th anniversary of AIATSIS.

AIATSIS Sea of Hands – Feb 2014

8 thoughts on “About us”

  1. I live in Griffith, ACT and contacted Canberra YES23 some weeks ago to volunteer. Unfortunately, I became ill and was out of action for a few weeks. Now ok & ready to go. I am too breathless for marches (breathless, arthritic, bad back etc etc) but could help in other ways. I’ve missed all the training but still reckon I can contribute in a small way. Can drive, just picked up my YES23 t-shirts. How can I help?

  2. Hi Janet -I’m a volunteer from Fenner for Yes. It was my first campaign! Very disappointed that Voice didn’t get up, however, I’m glad I signed up as i met so many inspiring people, leant a lot. keen to keep in touch, and support the good work you guys are doing.

  3. Please note my new email address as previously advised. The newsletter continues to be sent to my old address which will shortly be inoperable. I’ve also been unable to register for the David Hunter Memorial Lecture with my new email address.

    1. Hi Trish
      I’m very sorry for the delay in responding (our usual online person is away). We did have a problem with registering that should have been resolved. Could you try again and let us know via if it doesn’t work, and someone will get back to you directly? I’ll also make sure we update your email.
      Thanks very much for persevering!

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