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Imagining a different justice future for Indigenous Children in the ACT

Firstly, thanks to everyone who came along on Monday night to the forum – it was a great turnout and valuable discussion of topical issues. We learned a lot about different approaches and recent developments, and were impressed by the enthusiastic young law students asking the difficult questions.

Come along to our ANTaR ACT committee meeting next Tuesday (7 June) to continue the discussion and look at the next steps.

Calendar update – Star Stories of the Dreaming – Wednesday 1 June

Apologies for the short notice, but we only found out about this event last night.

Star Stories of the Dreaming Australia, 90 mins

National Film and Sound Archive, 6.30pm, Wednesday 1 June, $10/$8Aboriginal people in Australia are increasingly being recognised as the first astronomers. When the ancient wisdoms of the universe held by the oldest culture on earth meet modern astrophysics, a new concept is born – cultural astronomy. In Star Stories of the Dreaming , Euahlayi man Ghillar Michael Anderson shares with CSIRO astrophysicist Professor Ray Norris teachings passed to him as the knowledge holder for his people.

Click here for more information.

ANTaR ACT events

The next ANTaR ACT committee meeting will be held on Tuesday 7 June, 6pm, at King O’Malleys (note – we don’t have the Snug Room this time, but a table in the room to the left as you enter).

Enquiries: call Cherisse on 0449 738 901.

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