March 2015 ANTaR ACT Bulletin

March 2015 Bulletin
 Events related to Indigenous rights and culture.
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 Coming Events – join us
Rally from Aboriginal Tent Embassy to Parliament House

Thursday 19 March. Assemble at Tent Embassy 11.30am for a 12.00pm march to Parliament. 12:30 – 2.00pm speakers

Aboriginal communities in Australia announce a global call to action.
Australians across the Nation are being asked by governments to acknowledge ‘Close the Gap’ Day.

Kimberley Aboriginal communities have declared a GLOBAL CALL TO ACTION to stop the forced closure of Aboriginal communities in Western Australia amidst the growing campaign by State and Federal Governments to withdraw their support and remove Aboriginal people from their traditional homelands.

We who live in the remoter areas of Australia do not believe it is a lifestyle choice but an intrinsic fundamental human right to live in our own communities and our own country. We hold significant cultural obligations to our Ancestors to maintain Sovereign ties to our lands. After successive breaches of Human Rights conventions and the forced removal of the Aboriginal Community of Oombulgurri in 2014, we maintain a vote of no confidence in both the incumbent State and Federal Governments in their actions toward Aboriginal people.

On Thursday 19 March 2015, Australians across the Nation are being asked by governments to acknowledge ‘Close the Gap’ Day – but for many of our countrymen the ‘gap’ has been significantly widened, placing increasing pressure and trauma on our people. Starting in the Kimberley at 10am, we will march not for this Government agenda, but instead to show our objection to the threatened proposed closures to Aboriginal communities.

We stand in solidarity with all other regions in Western Australia and South Australia who have the veil of threatened remote community closures hanging over their lives. We understand that the precedent for a National attack by Government toward Aboriginal people living on their homelands, has already been set in the Oombulgurri closure. We ask the national and international community to stand with us in this action, and the subsequent actions that will ensue as we mobilise effective campaigns to secure our cultural right and entitlement.

Details: I Twitter: @sosblakaust

Reducing incarceration by testing: Justice Reinvestment theory and methodology: an exploratory case study presented by Jill Guthrie 
12.30 – 2.00pm Wednesday, 25 March 2015 Hanna Neumann Building, Room G058 (near Degree Café and Manning Clark Centre), The Australian National University

Researchers from the ANU are working with the Cowra (NSW, 2794) community on a community-driven research project which explores the theory and research methodology of Justice Reinvestment as a way of reducing incarceration of juveniles.

In addition to an inter-disciplinary research team, the research is being guided by a Research Reference Group comprising representatives of the Cowra Shire Council, representatives from the Cowra Aboriginal Land Council, the President of NSW Children’s Court, an ANU-based human rights lawyer and US-based JR academic.

Jill Guthrie is a Research Fellow at the National Centre for Indigenous Studies at the ANU.

ANTaR ACT Monthly Meeting
6 – 7.15 pm, Tues 7 April, Civic Library (entry at rear).
All welcome. Enquiries Peter 0417 197 382.

Mark in your diary:
26 May – Sorry Day
27 May – Anniversary of 1967 referendum
27 May – 3 June – Reconciliation Week
3 June – Mabo Day
5 – 12 July – NAIDOC Week

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