Easter Mailout

Hi all,

We recently made contact with the Aboriginal Tent Embassy.  We started by asking them what they wanted help with.  Jude Kelly, who’s the main person there, asked us to pass on these requests to you.  If there’s anything that you can help with, let me know.  Apologies to people who have already received this – we are trialling a new email management system:

Establishing a site office & permanent presence

A large tent that’s big enough to store some materials and to be a space where people can come and talk

A flagpole

An axe for chopping firewood

A trolley for carrying firewood

Signage – a way of directing people to the site office and away from the living/sleeping areas

Security lighting

Stickers to stick on ‘you are here’-type tourist maps to show where the embassy is.

Communications, IT help & other skills

Phone credit

Someone with a laptop to come to the embassy, download media releases etc onto USB and take them offsite to upload.

An Indigenous person/people to help with writing & designing their brochures

Money for printing information material

Help with grant writing

Contacts with the National Press Club.


National Folk Festival

We’ll have a stall at the National Folk Festival over the Easter long weekend.  Already we’ve got core members on the stall for each of the days.  But it’d be really helpful to have extra bodies.

So if you’re going to the folk festival & have a few hours to spare, please email cherisselyons@yahoo.com.

If you’d like to get involved in other ways, please feel free to give me a call.



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