Beyond the talk – Indigenous-led solutions NOW!

ANTaR ACT and Active Democracy Bean are working together on a campaign for the 2024 ACT Election to highlight what Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people are calling for in the ACT: real actions and real commitments, leading to real change.

It’s time for Indigenous-led solutions in the ACT, and to get beyond the talk to achieve outcomes that will make a difference.

We call for accountability from sitting MLAs for promises made, and concrete commitments from all candidates to enact the priorities of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the ACT.

We encourage ACT voters to get involved and help us raise the profile of these issues.

Active Democracy Bean is organising constituent visits to MLAs in Kurrajong, Brindabella and Murrumbidgee. Contact us to be involved:

Our key messages for this campaign are:

  • Listen to and act on the priorities of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the ACT – they know what works.
  • Real change needs urgent action now, not repeated promises for future changes.
  • What works? Indigenous-led and Indigenous-controlled, properly resourced organisations and programs.

The following briefing notes provide background for specific issues of interest.

For other resources and the campaign kit see: Beyond the Talk – campaign resources.

We will continue to add more resources prior to the election – including a scorecard assessing each party’s policies against the key issues for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

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